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My art got featured on They Draw and They Travel!!!
Mock up New Yorker cover for my editorial illustration class (10/9/12)
messing around with some new “inktense” pencils
just a quick sketch, trying out some new line work (10/5/12)
"The Elephant in the Room" an illustration I produced for the queers and allies show at SCAD (10/3/12)

hellocruelw0rld-deactivated2013 asked: Hello, I just wanted to say that I loved the Anatomy of Baskerville post you put up. I love typography and I love Sherlock, and Baskerville is probably my favourite font. And I just loved it :)

Wow, thank you. That means a lot to me. I’m glad you like it. I love Baskerville too, its definitely my favorite font. Its good to know other people appreciate the typeface’s brilliance. :)

Some of my work is being featured on SCAD’s Behance page!

Finally had some time to work on my painting yesterday. I like the way it turned out. It was so nice to just experiment with color and brush strokes.

So this is what I’ve been working on the last few days. I’m currently working for Mentoring Peace Through Art, which is an amazing organization that “develops leadership potential of young individuals through art projects that serve the social needs of diverse communities”. Its only been a week but I am having an absolutely incredible experience. I love working with the team, even though most of the kids have absolutely no experience with art. They are learning unbelievably quickly. We’ve already been able to almost complete a mural in 2 days! Simply put, I’m just blown away.


This is an illustration I did for ThreeSixty (a minneapolis teen journalism organization) Its for the company’s annual benefit. The keynote speaker for the event is Sonia Nazario the author of Enrique’s Journey. Her book is about a Honduran kid’s amazing journey to find his mother in America. Most of the story takes place on el tren de la muerte or the train of death. The train runs through Mexico into the United States and is known for being the best way to illegally reach American soil. Its a terribly dangerous ride, the roof of the train is controlled by vicious gangs and thieves, hundreds of people die attempting the ride every year. When creating my illustration I chose to focus on the idea of mortality. So I went for the classic Momento Mori and used a skull. Only I wanted to hit home the idea of the train passing through Mexico so I incorporated a dia de los muertos theme to the skull.  (original wood cut, in process, more process and final)